Why is a DDoS Protected VPS is Important for Your Website?


The moment you turn your business online and visible to the world, know that you are exposed to threats. Hackers are always seeking some kind of vulnerability to attack a website. One of the most common ones is Denial of Service or DoS attack, which floods your site with multiple user requests, often leading to slow loading or a crash. With DoS happening from multiple sources using bots, it becomes DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack. DDoS is rampant and affects numerous online businesses and websites every day. 

Before we get into DDoS protection, let’s understand the harm it can do your website.

Effects of DDoS

Surprisingly though, DDoS attacks don’t appear like typical cyber-attacks on your site. Rather, they are disguised as rudimentary issues like slow loading time, random shutdowns, or bad network connectivity. You have no way of knowing if your site under a serious threat. And while they are creeping into your system, they cause –

  • Reduced conversions

When your site is running slow, you will invariably lose out on visitors. With repeated such instances, you might lose probable customers, especially if you are into an online retail business. Thus, your chances of conversions are automatically reduced.

  • Lower SEO score

We all know how important site speed and overall performance is for a good SEO rank and visibility on search engines. When you have constant page errors or downtimes, it does not reflect positively on search rankings. This poses a question on your site’s security level and thus reduces your SEO score.

DDoS Protection for a VPS Server

“But my site runs on a VPS server”, you might think. Although VPS hosting is indeed a highly secured platform, you can never be safe enough. Particularly, with DDoS threats. These attacks appear as simple and common as technical glitches, and you might not even realize how much risk your site is at unless something detrimental happens. Hence, you need a DDoS-protected VPS server. Such a system resides on a server that is protected from DDoS attacks and mitigates potential risks.  

A DDoS-protected VPS specifically requires solid hardware firewalls that can keep the hackers at bay and uses a high transmission limit. Typically, such VPS servers help securer your system from-

  • DDoS volumetric attacks, which is a fake traffic flood
  • Protocol-based attacks, which is malicious traffic which affects data transmission processes
  • Attacks on a specific server or user applications

Summing up…

DDoS-protected VPS Hosting is expensive and requires premium resources than regular VPS, and is not common across all hosting providers. Always buy VPS Hosting that protects you from DDoS attacks and keeps your website and your business safe. That’s why you need to opt for a hosting provider who offers you just the right solution at the best possible cost, so you can continue to keep your site up and running in the best possible way.

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