Bloopul: Promotional agency on Spotify

If you are someone who loves to listen to music or if you are a music artist looking to promote their songs, then you must have heard about Spotify at least once in your life. You can listen to all music genres on Spotify and that too on all devices whether it is tabloid, computer, laptop or Smartphone.

Bloopul is an award-winning music agency that promotes songs from every artist or record label who has subscribed them. They have over 750,000 subscribers worldwide who listen to their Spotify playlists regularly. So, when a person submits their track to bloopul, a member of their team places their track in a playlist of similar genre. This way all the people who listen to this genre will listen to this artist’s songs and they would be able to gain more popularity.

Under Spotify promotion-playlist placement, there are three packages and you can choose to subscribe to either one of them according to your suitability.

  • Basic – All songs under basic package are placed under a playlist which has 5-10k followers. These tracks get 1-3k streams on a weekly basis. This plan costs £39 per week. If you have any problems or some instructions, then bloopul also supports you through emails and live chats.
  • Standard – This standard plan costs £59 per week. Artists who have subscribed this plan get around 3-6k streams on their tracks in a week. These tracks are put under playlists with 10-25k followers. This plan also provides help to artists through email support and live chats.
  • Premium – Tracks under this package get around 6-12k streams per week and the playlist under which they are placed have about 25-50k followers. This plan costs £98 per week. Here too artists get support through live chats and emails.

These packages cover 5 biggest music genres on Spotify: Rock, Indie, EDM, Pop and Hip-Hop. And tracks are placed under these playlists according to which genre they belong to. Bloopul accepts all soundtracks except for the ones with poor quality mixing.

So, if we are to list out, there are three steps that are usually followed before a track gets on bloopul’s playlist. First, one needs to submit their track to bloopul and subscribe to either one of the three packages available. Second, after listening to the track, bloopul decides which playlist will be best suited for the track according to the genre of the song. Third, the process of playlist placement is usually done within 24 hours of the submission if the payment for the subscription is done. Bloopul then sends you the link of the playlist via email.

The artist or the record label can then expect to see outstanding and promising results. Through Spotify, an artist can reach thousands of people all at once. Here, the speciality is that one needn’t be a recognised artist to make their voice heard. This platform is great for upcoming artists who are just at the peak of their music career. Bloopul ensures that these artists get this appreciation and love from all the melophiles as they truly deserve.

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